Tips To Selling A Home In The Winter 

 December 7, 2020

By  Jon Ramos

Tips To Selling A Home In The Winter

Winter is not the best time if you don’t live in a sunny setting, and put your home on the market. However, you can take a few steps to make your home fun. Let them create a warm environment, both literally and in figurative words, and take refreshments to serve.

Here are some tips that can also help keep buyers out of the cold.

❄️Clear a Path
Shovel a path through any snow, even if flakes are still falling.

❄️Let in the Light
Pull up the blinds, open the shutters, and push back the drapes on every window unless the view or outdoor scenery is particularly undesirable.

❄️Make Everything Sparkle
Washing the windows enhances the precious daylight hours.

❄️Consider “Staging” Your Home
A home stager can create a flow path that interested buyers are likely to follow, and can downplay or avoid areas you’d rather not shine a spotlight on.

❄️Turn Up the Heat
It’s better to heat the house a degree or two warmer than usual just before the showing, then set the temperature at normal.

❄️Create a Mood
Evoke a sense of summer. Place vases filled with flowers around the house.

❄️Turn On the Sound
Play soft music throughout the house.

❄️Ease Up on the Scents
Don’t burn candles, either, or spray perfume in the bedroom.

❄️Serve Winter Foods
Hot apple cider and cocoa make great beverage choices. Creamy soups and stews are delicious on a cold day. Serve them in shooter glasses or paper cups to avoid dealing with utensils.

❄️Provide Specific Information
Attach printed cards to items and in rooms to provide further information that the buyer might miss or might not know.

❄️Technology Is Your Friend
Plug indoor lamps into a timer to automatically turn on at times when you’re showing the house.

❄️Get Feedback
Don’t let those potential buyers go without finding out what they liked and didn’t like about their experience if you can do so without it feeling awkward.


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