The 4 Seasons of The Treasure Valley 

 June 1, 2020

By  Jon Ramos

The 4 Seasons of The Treasure Valley

The Boise & Surrounding Valley by Seasons

If you like sunshine, you’ll love the Treasure Valley.

With an average of 220 sunny days, low humidity, and just 12.1 inches of precipitation, the climate here is ideal for spending time outside. Weather in the Treasure Valley is influenced by Pacic weather patterns, which helps moderate temperature extremes.


  • Nov 18 – Feb 21
  • Average High: 47°F
  • Average Low: 27°F
  • Seasonal Rainfall: 5.14″

Even though the weather gets chilly, there’s no reason to stay indoors. Walk, run or ride on the Boise River Greenbelt or head up to Bogus Basin for the day with a variety of runs for all different abilities.


  • Feb 22 – Jun 14
  • Average High: 63°F
  • Average Low: 36°F
  • Seasonal Rainfall: 5.73″

Spring gives way to warmer afternoons with cool early mornings and evenings. As the days slowly get longer you’ll have more time to enjoy the best of the Treasure Valley from camping to downtown entertainment.


  • Jun 15 – Sep 11
  • Average High: 85°F
  • Average Low: 56°F
  • Seasonal Rainfall: 1.84″

Nothing quite compares to a Treasure Valley summer. Float the Boise river, plan BBQs with friends, or relax outdoors on the patio of family-friendly local restaurants. And don’t forget about the natural beauty of Idaho – Get outside


  • Sep 12 – Nov 17
  • Average High: 64°F
  • Average Low: 41°F
  • Seasonal Rainfall: 2.68″

You’ll love the vibrant colors of a Treasure Valley fall.  Thee local hills are packed with mountain bikers and hikers taking advantage of perfect cooler temperatures shared with abundant wildlife preparing for winter.


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