Pick Your Park An Effort Of Local Idaho Falls Business

What Are YOU Looking For In A Community Park?

Work with us to develop the newest community park in Idaho Falls

Meet The Developers

Haven Idaho exists to create communities.  We are trained engineers who enjoy the process of assembling land, dreaming up interesting uses for it, understanding what neighborhoods need, and creating new communities.  We are both intentional and purpose-driven with all projects we take on.

We are guided by our “Better Than We found It” pledge.  For each space we touch, we first ask whether we’ll be proud to leave it the way we’re proposing.  We ask whether it’ll improve the lives of the people who live on and around it.  When we’re done, we want to see everyone win – neighbors, investors, us, contractors, the environment, and the larger community.  Once we know the answer is “Yes”, we evaluate and strategize to include something surprising – parks, walking trails, aesthetic elements, mature landscape, or open spaces. 

Approaching projects in this way excites us, and we’ve found that when we’re excited and share that passion, others want to be part of it too.

"What I like about Haven the most is that you went out of your way to work with the neighbors to work with the sellers, us, and take what we had to say on board and I’ve noticed they’ve incorporated a lot of that in the plan which is very important."

"During the buying process, Haven was really responsive and gave us a lot of information, and any questions we have they came back very quickly and we’re more than happy to help not just answer our questions but to give us the information we needed to be successful."

We are seeking others who have a passion not just for quality product, but also surprisingly delightful experiences for people.  Together, we can influence others to go out in the world and leave it better than they found it.